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Emerge - Community Corners
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Emerge FLX are offices of service professionals who meet social, emotional, or behavioral needs of individuals and families of Tompkins County and the surrounding areas.  The current helping professionals who are located at the offices of Emerge FLX are Maria Manna LMHC, Tamie Pushlar LCSW-R, Kasey Cole LMT, and Dr. David Frahm of Student-Parent Advocacy LLC.

Offices of EmergeFLX are in an easily accessible location in Community Corners in Ithaca, NY where there is both parking and public transportation access. This location provides some anonymity as you enter the office while still being close enough to locations such as Ithaca, Cornell, Dryden, Moravia, and Aurora to make getting there easy.

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Latest News

New Website!
June 22, 2014
The Offices at Emerge have been open for one year, and it has been a great start for us!  We’ve realized over the past several months that many folks perceive Emerge as a clinical service provider rather than simply the office itself.  Emerge is actually a community of individually run wellness providers.  With that in mind, we’ve decided to clarify the role of Emerge by creating our own web sites to reflect the separate services we are each providing.  You will notice some gradual changes to this website in the coming weeks.  Here is the first step~ today I am launching the web page for the services provided by my newly-named business, Eventide.  Please check out the new things happening with my practice, still located at Emerge in Community Corners!  You'll find the site at
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Workplace Bullying: Who Bullies Who?
June 2, 2014
Workplace bullying can happen in many kinds of work relationships:
Supervisor to supervisee. Colleague to colleague. Supervisee to supervisor. Client or customer to employee.  
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Workplace Bullying: Is It Happening to You?
May 27, 2014
Do any of these workplace scenarios seem familiar?
Someone keeps you from accessing information you need to carry out your job. You are expected to be responsible for an unmanageable workload. You are repeatedly reminded of any errors you have made. You do not receive adequate credit for your work, or someone else takes or is given credit for your work. You are regularly expected to do work below your level of competence. Higher level responsibilities are removed from your job, or you are given trivial tasks that interfere with or replace higher level responsibilities. Your personal and professional reputation is harmed via gossip and rumors. You are excluded from important meetings and/or social events. You are put down, yelled at, or otherwise humiliated for your work performance.   
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